Black DragonColeus

Black Dragon Coleus. (flame nettle, painted leaf)

Coleus are large, brightly colored plants if given the proper care and will thrive in containers or in the ground for use as a border or anywhere you want a burst of color. No two seeds produce the same pattern on the leaves. Coleus adds rich color and texture to your surroundings.

Large serrated leaves have unusual purplish black edges with red centers, which hold color well.

Germination: 8-10 days at 70-75ºF (21-24°C).
Culture: Indoors (recommended) – Sow 8 weeks before last frost.

Do not cover seed. Bottom water or mist.

Transplant when true leaves appear. Direct seeding is not recommended.
Growing: 65-70ºF (18-21°C). Transplant out after danger of frost is past.
Light/soil: Partial sun to shade; average, well-drained soil.
Space: 9-12″

Height 12-18”
Pinching will promote bushier plants.
Use: Beds, containers, houseplants, baskets, window boxes and borders.

More information on Coleus

Packet: App. 50 seeds. $4.00

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