Chioggia Beet

Chioggia Beet

Chioggia Beet


55 days. Also known as the Candy Cane Beet or the Bullseye Beet, this heirloom originates from the  coastal town Chioggia in Northern Italy near Venice. Tops are green with a pink striped stem while the  roots are cherry red on the outside and reveal alternating rings of white and deep pink when sliced but  color fades when cooked. Flavor is a little sweeter than purple beets.

Still found mainly in farmers’ markets but starting to show up in specialty grocery stores, these red-and-white–striped roots are sweeter than other beets―and so beautiful, they might win over any beet doubters.

Feel-good factors: Beets have lots of fiberpotassiumiron, and folic acid, a B vitamin. Betacyanin, the pigment that gives beets their color, is a powerful antioxidant.

The smooth, medium-height tops are all green with pink-striped stems. Excellent flavor. Organically grown.

Packet: app. 250 seeds.  $4.00

How to grow better beets

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