Mexican Squash, Calabacita (Tatume)

Organic heirloom

An increasingly difficult squash seed to find.

Tatume Mexican heirloom summer squash are warm weather crops, as the name implies and the germination  temperature verifies.  Only plant once the soil temperature warms to at least 70 degrees.  Mounding up  small hills will create the right soil consistency and allow the soil to warm quicker.

Mix in a shovelful of compost with a handfull of bone meal and wood ash to create the perfect soil  environment for these heirloom seeds.

Plant 3-6 heirloom squash seeds per hill.  Once they have shown true leaves and grown in size, you  should thin out to the 3 strongest plants.  Remember, harvest these summer squash continually in  order to keep the plant producing.

Seed Care tips for Heirloom Summer Squash:

Heirloom seeds are hardy but always take care with your garden seeds to give them the appropriate amount of moisture – not letting the vegetable seeds dry out prematurely or over watering and possibly having them rot.

Packet app. 30 seeds.


Growing better squash

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