Small Sugar Pumpkin

Small Sugar Pumpkin

Pumpkin, Small Sugar Pie seed.  OG Heirloom

The Small Sugar Pumpkin is noted as one of the finest pie pumpkins. A staple baking pumpkin, the “Small Sugar” has been enjoyed around the Thanksgiving table for more than 120 years!

100 days to harvest.

Bright, deep orange skin. Very nice looking small pie pumpkin, avg. 4 lb. Dry, sweet flesh is the type best of  all for pie. Avg. 4-5 fruits/plant.

Pack avg. 30 seeds. Growers pack 100-120 seeds.


Sow 2 seeds in 2-3″ pots app. 4 weeks before last frost.  After first true leaves appear, thin to 1 plant per pot with scissors or pinch off. Harden plants 7 days by reducing fertilizer, water, temperature and moving flats outside. Filtered sunlight is best for first couple of days and then move into full sun. Transplant out about 1 week after last frost. Place about 24-36″ for vine and large-fruited types. Pumpkins do not like their roots disturbed, so transplant gently into loose, fertile, well drained soil.

Pumpkins need plenty of growing room for sufficient sunlight penetration for successful fruiting, and to grow to their fruit size potential. 6′ row spacing is recommended.

Sow pumpkins to mature in Sept. Too many days of sun on fruits in the field after maturity will bleach handles and sun-scald the fruits.

Harvest before frost or after 1 or 2 light frosts. Clip stems close to the vine.  Avoid gouging or bruising. Lifting fruit by the handles can cause a stress crack at the fruit which can lead to accelerated decay of fruits.


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