Rocky Mtn. Bee Plant

Rocky Mtn. Bee Plant

Cleome serrulata

Wild Cleome “discovered” by Lewis & Clark

Rocky Mountain Bee Plant flowers are nectar rich and attract bees and other pollinators.

Annual. Grows quickly, blooms heavily, dies with first frost but is a prolific re-seeder.

To five feet.

The seeds are often consumed by mourning doves.

When the leaves have matured, they are harvested, boiled and can be eaten as greens.

The seeds are edible and can be made into flour.

Commonly used as a paint or dye.

American Indians and Western settlers used this in treatment of fevers, stomach disorders, and sore eyes.  A poultice is made of the crushed leaves and used to reduce swelling and boiled with rusty iron to be made into a drink to treat anemia.

Native to the US

Seeding. 1/4 “ deep in light, well-drained soil.

Likes full sun and is somewhat drought tolerant so is good for xeriscape areas.

Hardy zones. 3-10

Blooms May-June in most areas.

Packet. App. 50-60 seeds 4.00


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