Asparagus Mary Washington Og Seeds. Mary Washington Asparagus are known as the standard garden asparagus. They are reliable to grow every year and tend to produce thick, dark green stalks. The best time to sow is in mid-spring in a rich, loose seed bed. The seed planting depth should be 1 inch and the germination temperature should be 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow between 21-25 days to germination and have a row spacing of around 24 inches and plant spacing of 18 inches. The first two years will only be for the root growth. The shoots should be cut in the third year.

Ensure that they are planted with access to as much sun as possible. The whole process can take from 2-3 years. In the fall, cut back all dead growth and make sure that it is covered with the composted leaf mulch. In the next spring, dress the asparagus with composted manure and seaweed for the best harvest results. Ensure that they have the appropriate amount of moisture – do not let them dry out or over water. Over watering will rot the plant roots.

Packet. 30-40 seeds


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