Lumina White Pumpkin OG

Organic seed

95 days. A medium-sized, 10 to 15 pound, white pumpkin with thick orange flesh that is excellent for cooking.

Fun and different for carving or painting. Stores well.

Species: Cucurbita maxima

Packet. Avg. 3 gm. App. 20 seeds. $3.00

PLANT SPACING: Medium- and large-fruited pumpkin varieties need plenty of growing room

for sufficient sunlight penetration for successful fruiting, and to grow to their fruit size potential.

Rules of thumb: Small fruited = 18 sq.ft./plant; Medium = 24; Large = 30; Giant = 48.

TIMING: Sow pumpkins to mature in Sept. for the fall decorating market.

Too many days of sun on fruits in the field after maturity will bleach handles and sun-scald the fruits.

HARVEST: Before frost or after 1 or 2 light frosts. Clip stems close to the vine. Use care to avoid gouging or bruising. Store under cover with plenty of air.

AVG. DIRECT SEEDING RATE: 2 seeds/18″ in rows 6′ apart,

TRANSPLANTS: 3 seeds/pot.

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