Watermelon, Sangria Hybrid
Species: Citrullus lanatus
87 days.
Excellent sweet flavor.
Crisp & firm, bright deep-red flesh. 22 to 26 pound fruit, dark green with broken, light-green stripes.
Very productive variety.
Excellent for commercial growers. Res. F, A1

Temporarily out of stock

RIPENESS: There are 3 ways to tell when a watermelon is ripe: 1) the tendril nearest the point on the vine where fruit stem attaches is browning/dead, 2) the spot where the fruit rests on the ground is yellow, and 3) the classic mystery – you hear “punk”, as opposed to “pink” or “pank”, when you flick the melon with your fingers.

STORAGE: Hold at 45°F  and 85% humidity 2-3 weeks.
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