Flower, Baby Blue Eyes

A hardy annual native to California, but is easily grown throughout the United States. The delicate, sky blue, cup-­shaped flowers continue to bloom throughout spring.

Requires a light, sandy soil with moderate amounts of water.

Prefers partial shade, but in cooler climates can tolerate full sun.

Packet. Avg. 1.5 gm. $3.00

A charmer in wooden barrels and hanging baskets

Suggestions : Borders, rock gardens, hanging baskets.

Miscellaneous: An enjoyable and easily grown variety from seed.

This low growing plant requires little maintenance.

Does not transplant well. Best direct seeded.


Average Planting Success: 80%
Height: 6­–12 inches
Germination: 7­–30 days
Optimum Soil Temp. for Germination: 55F°–­65F°
Sowing Depth: 1/16″
Blooming Period: March­—May


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