Lemon Bergamot


Lemon Bee Balm (lemon bergamot)

Monarda citriodora

Organic annual

Lemon Bergamot plant is also known as Lemon Bee Balm, Lemon Mint, Prairie Bergamot, Wild Bergamot, Lemon Horsemint, Lemon Horse Mint, Plains Horsemint, Lemon Bergamot, and Purple Horse Mint.

 Lemon Bergamot (Monarda citriodora) is an American herb that was widely used by native Americans. It was introduced to the early colonists by the Oswego Indians, and Oswego tea was made by colonists during the time of the Boston Tea Party.

Lemon bergamot is a member of the mint family and has a pleasing citrus smell when crushed.

The strongly lemon-scented leaves are excellent in teas and as a culinary herb , the flowers are edible. Its leaves are used fresh in salads and drinks and dried in herbal teas and potpourri blends. Lemon Bergamot has showy, scarlet flowers in large heads or whorls at the top of the stem.

The bergamot flowers are very pretty in white or pink with purple dots. Young leaves can be used in herbal teas or for any gourmet dish, especially fish, where a strong lemon flavor would add interest.

Lemon Bergamot is an attractive plant which will attract the attention of bees, as well as people, in any herb garden.

Like all mints, Lemon Bergamot, can be confined to a pot. Mints grow better in pots with lots of surface area rather than lots of depth.


Type                           Perennial.

Height                        36 inches (40-60 cm).

Maintenance               Easy.

Pot Size                      1-2 gallon container per 2-3 plants.

Seed Germination       10 to 21 days.

Seed Spacing              Sow Bergamot seeds at 1/8” to1/4” deep and cover lightly with soil.

Soil Requirements        Bergamot herb likes light, dry alkaline, fertile soil.

Growing Mix                 One-third sand and two-thirds commercial plug mix.

Plant Spacing               Place at least 12”-18” apart.

Fertilize                        Add a general purpose fertilizer once a month in the growing season.

Sun & Lighting              Full sun or partial shade. At least 6 hours of continuous, direct sun per day.

Water Requirements    Dry to Normal. Average water is needed during the growing season, but take care not to overwater.

Packet app. 100 seeds. $3.00

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