Clary Sage


Clary Sage (Clary, Clear Eye, Clary Wort, See Bright, Eyebright, Salvia sclarea, Muscatel Sage)

Seeds soaked in water produce mucilaginous eye bath which safely removes particles, hence its name ‘clear eye’ or ‘clary’. Used as a fixative in potpourris. Handsome aromatic flowers.

Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) is a member of the mint family and related to common sage.

It’s a biennial meaning it flowers and sets seed the second year and then dies back like an annual — so it has a two year life cycle.

Somewhat cold tolerant but is only hardy to zone 6.  If protected it may do well to zone 5.

Clary may grow to a height of about three feet it likes rich soil that drains well.

Plant in full sun to partial shade.

Clary sage is an interesting plant that unlike other sages it has large, fuzzy, dark green leaves and produces white to pale lilac colored flowers.

Clary isn’t used much for cooking because of it’s rather odd flavor, but given it’s nicely scented flowers the butterflies and bees will be attracted to your garden area.

Packet. 50 seeds.


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