Comfrey Plant

Comfrey Herb

Also called: Bruisewort, Knitback, Knitbone, Boneset, Slippery Root, Bruisewort, Ass Ear, and Blackwort.

Comfrey is widely known as “one of nature’s greatest medicinal herbs”, and has appeared in the U.S. Pharmacopoeia, as well as in herbals and compendiums around the world. Recently, reports of the toxic effects of pyrrolizidine alkaloids in comfrey have led some herbalists to be wary of using it internally.

Comfrey leaf has a long history of use to promote the healing of bones and wounds, as well as internal use to treat a wide variety of ailments from arthritis to ulcers.

Does best in part shade in dampish soils.

If you grow it in the full sunshine, it will thrive in excellent soils that are well watered. Established plants self sow, and can be propagated by root division and cuttings.

Seeds can be started in pots indoors in 6-8 weeks before last frost date for spring planting when soil temperatures rise.

Barely cover seeds, needs light to germinate.

More information on Comfrey

These seeds or plants are sold for the sole purpose of garden beautification.

Packet 25+ seeds. $3.00




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