Live-Forever Herb  (Orpine, Livelong, Frog’s-stomach, Harping Johnny, Life-everlasting, Live-forever Midsummer-men, Orphan John, Witch’s Moneybags)

Luring butterflies to a perennial garden adds a bit of movement and wildlife interest. As summer turns to fall, it’s important to include plants that are easy for butterflies to land upon and drink the flowers’ nectar. Stonecrops (Sedum spp.) are low-maintenance plants for sunny garden spots. Many different forms, mature heights and flower colors occur in species of Sedum. In North America, stonecrops are frequently visited by monarchs and painted lady butterflies.


Zones 3-9

Mature size:

Height 2-3 feet
Flowering period:
July through fall.
Flowering attributes:
In August, the flowers start to color up, turning pink. Slowly the flowers turn red, and later in fall they turn a deeper rusty-red.
Leaf attributes:
Succulent, dark green leaves.
Growth habit:
Full sun.
Light, well-drained soil.
give it a complete organic fertilizer in spring and side dress with compost or manure.
Propagation Methods:
Stem cuttings. | Division. | In early spring pull a rosette off the main plant and transplant the small rosette to a new area in the garden.

For best results, grow the tall sedums in full sun.

Planted in partial shade, they become leggy and tend to topple over. However, this can also be an indication that it is time to divide the plant.

Packet. App. 25 seeds. $3.00

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