Mullein Flower

Mullein, Herb

Seeds were originally harvested from wild Mullein growing along the Rio Grande. They have shown to be very drought resistant and very prolific re-seeders.

Striking yellow flower stalks rise from a woolly leaf base in the second year. All plant parts can be used to produce yellow, bronze and grey dyes.

Mullein is an herb that has been used for centuries in treating fevers and other illnesses. Good remedy for coughs, hoarseness and bronchitis. It is also used frequently to keep deer away from gardens and as an ornamental herb. Mullein is not difficult to grow if you keep some basics in mind. Before you know it, you will have a large crop of this beautiful herb to enjoy and maybe even share with the neighbors.

Plan to plant mullein in the late summer or before the last frost of spring. Your plants will become established much more easily in cooler weather. If mullein is planted during the heat of summer, you run the risk of the seeds not germinating properly or of the seedlings becoming scorched by the sun.

Decide on a growing location for your mullein. The seeds will do better in a sunny area of the garden with rather dry soil that has an alkaline property to it. If your soil is not suitable, you might search for somewhere else to plant your seeds or try to alter the composition of your soil.

Till and lightly water the soil of the area where you want to plant your mullein seeds. Plant them shallowly and lightly cover with soil and a thin layer of mulch. It will take your mullein seeds about 2 weeks to germinate.

Observe your mullein seedlings and pull out the weaker ones. Mullein plants do not require much care, but you will want to weed regularly. Your plants will likely blossom the year after planting.

Cut back the stem of your mullein plant after it flowers and mulch well before each winter to keep cold weather from killing it. Use the roots of your existing mullein plants to cultivate new plants if you need more of the herb in your garden. Once your plants are established, you will not have to start the planting process from seed again.

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