Silver Tansy

Tansy Silver

(Jackpot Tansy)

This absolutely sensational variety from England comes with soft downy woolly-grey leaves which are soon overwhelmed by a shroud of white flowers — so much so that you almost cannot see the leaves–making it look like giant snowcone.

Has the same insect-repelling properties as other tansies.

Not invasive.

Brilliant long lasting blooms decorate this dark green, fern-like plant, which shares all of its parent’s best qualities while being somewhat less likely to spread itself around the garden.

Tansy leaves produce an oil called thujone that smells of resin and balsam, making the whole plant smell strongly.

Because of the potent qualities of the oil, it is recommended to use caution when handling or eating it.

It is a natural insect repellent, however, useful in the home against ants and cockroaches, and in container gardens on patios against mosquitoes.

Its ability to repel borers makes it a good companion plant in the garden for roses and cane fruits like raspberry.

Zones 5-9

Easy to grow

Packet app. 40 seeds. $3.00

Sold out for this year

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