Toloache, Evening

(Angel’s trumpet; Indian apple, Jimson Weed, Nightshade)

By traditional breeding this long time Mexican hallucinogen is now remade as a beautiful garden plant! It has huge trumpet flowers 8” long, 4-6” across, pure white with a lavender edge, and deeply fragrant in the evenings.

Toloache, Evening, Datura wrightii or Sacred Datura is the name of a poisonous perennial plant and ornamental flower of southwestern North America. It is sometimes used as a hallucinogen. Datura wrightii is classified as a deliriant and an anticholinergic.

It is a vigorous herbaceous perennial that grows to 4 ft. tall and wide. The flowers are often tinted purple, especially at the margin. It can bloom from April to October. In clear weather, flowers open at nearly full dark and wither a few hours after sunrise the following morning; in cloudy weather, they may open earlier and last longer.

The seeds are borne in a spiny, globular capsule, which opens when fully ripe.

Datura wrightii is found in northern Mexico and the adjoining U. S. states, as far north as southern Utah, in open land with well-drained soils.It is also commonly planted as an ornamental, especially in xeriscapes

The name commemorates the botanist Charles Wright.

This flower is sacred to the Hindu God, Shiva, he was fascinated with its poisonous aspects and so it is kept in many Indian temples.

All parts of Datura plants contain dangerous levels of poison and may be fatal if ingested by humans and other animals, including livestock and pets

In the U.S. it is sometimes called Western Jimson weed because of its resemblance to Datura stramonium. Anglophone. Settlers in California often called it “Indian whiskey” because of its ritual intoxicating use by many tribes; the name “sacred datura” has the same origin. Other common names include “Indian apple and “nightshade” (not to be confused with Solanum). The Tongva call it manit and the Chumash momoy. Mexicans call this and similar species tolguacha or toloache.


These seeds or plants are sold for the sole purpose of garden beautification.

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Packet app. 20 seeds. $4.00


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