Wooley Lamb’s Ear

Laceflower, Graceland

Horehound Herb

Gayfeather, Flower

Feverfew, Herb White Pompon

Herb American Ephedra OG Seeds Mormon Tea

Ephedra, Herbal information

Dusty Miller

How to Grow Comfrey

Herb Comfrey OG Seeds

Clary Sage, Herb, Organic Seed, (Clary, Clear Eye, Clary Wort, See Bright, Eyebright, Salvia sclarea, Muscatel Sage)

How to Grow Celandine

Celandine, Herb


How to grow Calendula Pot Marigold

Calendula officinalis (pot marigold)

Bloodroot, Herb

Herb Lemon Bee Balm (bergamot, monarda)

All-heal (self heal, woundwort, prunella) Herb

Herbal Uses in Cooking (paring an herb with an entree)

How to Grow Tansy

Flower, Sweet William, Butterfly Mix